About Us.


David Craig Young

Founder of Utility Locating Information. Experienced in working to Identify, locate and Protect Subsurface Utilities as a Utility Locator and Concrete Scanner. đŸ™‚

A Platform for Knowledge Sharing

This website serves as a conduit for the knowledge we've gathered—a knowledge that can redefine safety standards in utility work. Each section is meticulously crafted to provide valuable insights:

Training Resources: A database of essential answers and knowledge, featuring guides, videos, and interactive materials to elevate the proficiency of utility locators.

ICT Integration: Explore the transformative role of Information and Communication Technology in improving efficiency and communication within the industry.

Methodology Insights: Discover best practices, proven methodologies, and real-world case studies that exemplify successful utility locating approaches.

Equipment Knowledge Hub: Delve into in-depth information about the latest tools and equipment, understanding their features, benefits, and proper usage guidelines.

Safety Protocols: Emphasizing the crucial adherence to safety protocols and regulations, accompanied by real-life stories that underscore the consequences of negligence.

Community Engagement: Join a thriving community of utility locators, fostering collaboration, sharing experiences, and building a supportive network within the industry.

We invite you to join us in this journey towards creating a zero-damage, zero-injury environment when working with utilities. Together, let's build a community that values safety, knowledge, and excellence in utility locating.