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The Sewerin Combiphon PPL T10 Kit is an innovative solution designed specifically for locating larger plastic water mains ranging from 90mm to 300mm.

This kit, which includes the Aquatest T10 receiver and a hard case transmitter with a rechargeable battery, emphasizes efficiency and safety in utility work.

Its capability to locate mains over extensive distances is particularly impressive.

Key Features:

  1. Designed for Large Plastic Mains: The kit is optimized for plastic mains from 90mm upwards, catering to a significant need in the utility industry for efficient location of larger pipes.

  2. Aquatest T10 Receiver Inclusion: The inclusion of the Aquatest T10 receiver enhances the kit's functionality, providing high accuracy in locating mains.

  3. Durable and Portable Design: The hard case transmitter is not only robust but also portable thanks to its rechargeable battery, making it suitable for field use.

  4. Safe for Pipes: The specially designed stopper minimizes water hammer, thus protecting the pipes from potential damage – a crucial feature for maintaining the integrity of the water mains.

  5. Variable Speed Pulse Adjustment: This feature allows for greater control and precision in locating operations.

  6. Large Stopper with Adjustable Pipe Intensity: This enhances the kit's versatility, making it suitable for a wider range of pipe sizes and conditions.

  7. Optional Combiphon Striker for Smaller Pipes: The hard case's ability to store the optional combiphon striker broadens the kit’s applicability to smaller poly services ranging from 20-40mm.


  1. Capable of locating large plastic mains efficiently.
  2. Protective design minimizes the risk of damaging pipes.
  3. Enhanced accuracy and control with variable speed pulse adjustment.
  4. Versatility in locating a wide range of pipe sizes.
  5. Portable and durable design suitable for field operations.


  1. The focus on larger mains might limit its use for smaller pipe applications without the optional striker.
  2. The advanced features may require some training or experience to use effectively.


The Sewerin Combiphon PPL T10 Kit is a highly specialized tool that brings efficiency and safety to the forefront in the utility sector. Its ability to locate large plastic water mains over extensive distances with minimal risk to the infrastructure makes it a valuable asset for professionals in this field.

While it may require some initial investment in learning and possibly in additional accessories for smaller pipes, the benefits it offers in terms of precision and protection to piping systems are substantial.

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