Smart Planning Saves Millions: A Closer Look at Elkland’s Main Street Revamp

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  • Smart Planning Saves Millions: A Closer Look at Elkland’s Main Street Revamp


The Elkland Main Street reconstruction project is a prime example of how advanced planning and technology can lead to substantial cost savings in infrastructure projects.

In this blog post, we will delve into the details of the project, its challenges, and the innovative solutions that resulted in a $1.9 million cost savings.

Project Overview:

  • The Reconstruct Main Street, Elkland project involves a comprehensive renovation of the main highway, sidewalks, curbs, and underground utilities.
  • Unknown utility locations posed a significant challenge at the project’s outset.

Data Collection and Uncertainty

  • Preliminary information indicated the presence of sanitary sewer, water, and gas lines, but their exact locations were unknown.
  • Pipe and cable locators were used to gather quality level B data, while vacuum excavation was employed at 75 points to acquire quality level A data.

Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)

  • The SUE investigation helped in placing drainage facilities strategically to minimize interference with existing underground utilities.
  • Utility companies received precise information about the location of underground pipelines from the SUE investigation’s findings.

Cost Breakdown:

  • The total project cost was $5.2 million, with $700,000 allocated to design and construction.
  • $56,000 was specifically dedicated to the SUE investigation, split into $26,000 for designating utilities and $30,000 for locating them.

Impressive Cost Savings:

  • Utilizing SUE resulted in remarkable cost savings of $1.9 million, with $1.8 million attributed to utility relocation and $100,000 to construction.
  • The benefit-to-cost ratio for using SUE was an impressive 33:1.


The Elkland Main Street Revamp project demonstrates the power of precise planning and technology in modern infrastructure development.

By investing in Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) and acquiring accurate data about underground utilities, the project not only avoided costly disruptions but also achieved a remarkable 33:1 benefit-to-cost ratio.

This case study serves as an inspiration for similar projects, highlighting the value of foresight and innovation in construction and renovation endeavors.

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  • Smart Planning Saves Millions: A Closer Look at Elkland’s Main Street Revamp