✳️ Digital Distance Measurement Tools

In the specialized field of utility locating, laser distance measurement tools have emerged as a game-changer, offering distinct advantages over traditional measuring tapes and wheels.📏  However, physical measuring techniques are still essential (tape measures, Invar/level Staffs etc). 

These tools are particularly valuable for their ability to instantly measure both long and short distances with high accuracy. 

✅ Applications of Laser Measurement 

Applications include: pipe measurement, offsets calculations over larger distances to physical fixed features. 

Can be useful for offsets measurements for small jobs that can be accessed by other technologies or is efficient for temporary location of known targets. Offsets are taken from known fixed points or physical features due to changing conditions of location recording.

📐 Unlike measuring tapes and wheels that require physical contact and can be cumbersome to use over long distances or in tight spaces, laser distance meters can effortlessly measure distances in challenging environments. 

🏞 They can easily reach into tight spaces, around obstructions through small gaps, and across uneven terrain, where traditional methods fall short.

Additionally, these devices facilitate rapid measurements, significantly speeding up the utility locating process and improving productivity.

🚫 Limitations and Disadvantages

However, despite their significant advantages, laser distance measurement tools also have limitations.

☀️ Their accuracy can be affected by environmental conditions such as extreme sunlight, reflective surfaces, or obstacles that interfere with the laser beam's path.

Furthermore, for underground utility locating, these tools must be used in conjunction with other technologies that can detect and map utilities hidden from view, as they cannot penetrate ground surfaces to directly measure the distance to underground assets.

Understanding these limitations is essential for effectively incorporating laser distance measurement tools into utility locating practices, ensuring that their benefits are maximized while mitigating potential challenges.

🏁 Conclusion of Laser Measuring.

Measuring tape is still essential: convenient measurement in the field for 10m or less measurement's on flat or even ground surfaces.

🎞️ Laser Measuring Video Training.

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