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The 3M™ Dynatel™ 7550-iD Locator is a state-of-the-art tool designed for the precise location and tracking of underground utilities, including the innovative EMS (Electronic Marker System) Caution Tape and Rope.

With its comprehensive set of features and capabilities, this device is engineered to meet the rigorous demands of field professionals in utility location, mapping, and maintenance.

Key Features and Performance:

Versatile Frequency Range: The locator's six active frequencies (577 Hz, 1 kHz, 8 kHz, 33 kHz, 82 kHz, and country-specific frequencies of 133 kHz for New Zealand and 200 kHz for Australia) provide a broad spectrum for locating various types of underground utilities. This versatility ensures high accuracy and efficiency in locating tasks, from water and gas pipelines to telecommunications and power cables.

High-Power Output: With a maximum transmitter output of 12 watts, the Dynatel 7550-iD offers robust signal transmission capabilities. This high power output enhances the locator's performance over long distances and in challenging conditions, making it easier to trace and follow the path of underground utilities.

Trace View Mapping Interface: The intuitive trace view mapping interface is a standout feature, providing users with a clear and detailed map of the utility path. This feature not only improves the accuracy of location tasks but also facilitates better planning and execution of maintenance or excavation work.

Comprehensive Functionality: The device's five modes of operation cater to a wide range of location and identification tasks. It can locate, write, and read information into the 3M™ ID Electronic Marker System, adding a layer of functionality that supports asset management and data accuracy.

Compatibility and Convenience: The locator's compatibility with GPS systems enhances its utility by enabling precise geolocation of utilities. Its lightweight, compact, and well-balanced design ensures user comfort and ease of handling during extended periods of use. Moreover, the inclusion of a rugged carrying bag and large clips for direct connection further adds to its portability and convenience.

Durability: Designed with the challenges of fieldwork in mind, the Dynatel 7550-iD is both rugged and durable. This durability ensures reliable performance in various environmental conditions, from urban settings to rural landscapes.

Additional Features: The locator comes with a 2200RB Rechargeable Battery, ensuring long operational hours and cost efficiency. Its capability to find EMS Caution Tape and its compatibility with the Dynatel 7500 series extend its utility and value.


The 3M™ Dynatel™ 7550-iD Locator is a comprehensive solution for professionals involved in the location, identification, and maintenance of underground utilities.

Its advanced features, including multiple frequencies, high-power output, and an intuitive mapping interface, make it an invaluable tool in the utility industry. 

The device's durability, coupled with its lightweight and ergonomic design, ensures it can withstand the rigors of fieldwork while providing ease of use.

Whether for routine maintenance or complex location tasks, the Dynatel 7550-iD offers unmatched performance and reliability, making it a wise investment for utility professionals seeking to enhance their operational capabilities.

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