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In this post, we have curated a complete list of all the equipment, tools and accessories needed for a utility locator electromagnetic service kit. 

Some accessories are essential and optional but recommended for being prepared for most jobs you will encounter day to day as a professional general utility locator. 

Here is a overview categories list of a EM utility locating kit.

So, What is part of a Utility ⚡🧲 Electromagnetic Locator Kit?

Checkout the complete list below for details on each item needed.

You will need..

-Electromagnetic Receiver

-Electromagnetic Transmitters

-3 Pin 240V Plug Adapter Connector

-Electromagnetic Transmitter Clamp

-Sonde 33Hz~

-Fiberglass Trace Wire

-Thickened Long Trace Wire.

⚡🧲 Electromagnetic Receivers

The main difference between the price of electromagnetic receivers are the different frequencies available, and  the specialty accessories for specific jobs.

Otherwise some other differential factors are  durability, weight, and other minor features like type of battery and battery life. 

⚡🧲 Electromagnetic Transmitters

The main differences between transmitters, are the amperage  output and frequencies available for direct connection and induction modes. 

Essential accessories include a ground stake or rod, direct connection clamps and a neodymium magnet. 

Some other transmitters have accessories for specific jobs (Induction Clamps, CD Clamps,  High Gain Stethoscope, Live Plug Connector (LPC), Fault finding A-Frame.  

Otherwise a model that has a broad range of frequencies and has induction modes will do most day to day jobs.

⚡🧲 3 Pin 240V Plug Adapter Connector

Direct connect to power points on standard wall units or general purpose outlets (GPOs), using a transmitter and a plug adapter.

This accessory is used to easily apply a Transmitter signal to a power cable via a standard power point socket. There are also single line adaptors.

⚡🧲 Electromagnetic Transmitter Clamps

Inductive clamps can be used to induce a signal onto metal/metallic wires and pipes.

Clamps only work when the clamp is fully closed. It is also used for congested areas and to isolate specific lines when locating.

Clamp sizes can vary, but usually available in 50mm and 100mm diameters. They can also be specific clamps with current direction.

⚡🧲 Sonde Tracewire Attachments

Used to locate buried drain pipes, communication, pipes, electrical conduits and sewers.

Sondes are self-contained transmitters that are used with our cable and pipe locators. 

Sondes are typically attached to a fiberglass rod, pushed along the pipe, and the position of the sonde detected from above ground.

Sondes come in a variety of frequencies, usually 512Hz, 8kHz, 33KHz, 100kHz.

Sonde Buyer Guide Comparison Chart

⚡🧲 Fiberglass Trace Wire

The quality fiberglass rod used for tracing pipes and ducting, by direct connection methods from a em locator transmitter, But also are used to propel sonde transmitters, which can then be located and traced with a EM locator receiver.

⚡🧲 Fiberglass Thickened Large Trace-Wire

These fiberglass reels can locate longer interval pits, and deeper pipes, as well as being used to propel sondes, further distance and depths.

⚡🧲 Other Miscellaneous Items

Tool bag, foldable trolley, non contact voltage pen, tester, portable flashlight, bilge pump, safety traffic cones, ground pegs, neodymium magnet, extender leads, endoscope camera, handheld cable finder, ultrasonic gas leak detector, spare batteries, chargers.

📓 Utility Locator Equipment Checklist.

Utility Service Pipe and Cable Electromagnetic Locator Complete Equipment Checklist. Electromagnetic Kit and Accessories, Tools and Equipment for most job applications.

utility locating list pdf

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