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IDS Opera Duo / Leica DS2000 Ground Penetrating Radar Review

The IDS Opera Duo / Leica DS2000 represents a significant step forward in ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology, aiming to simplify on-site operations by eliminating unnecessary cabling and updating both software and trolley design.

Despite these advancements, our detailed evaluation reveals a mix of strengths and areas that could benefit from further refinement.


Design and Portability: IDS's effort to streamline the design by reducing it to a single LAN cable connection is commendable. The choice between two-wheel and four-wheel trolleys offers flexibility, although our experience strongly favors the four-wheel option for ease of use and reduced wear on skid trays.

Innovative Features: The moveable head and injection-moulded plastic construction contribute to the GPR's modern feel. The inclusion of encoders in both wheels is a thoughtful addition, allowing for accurate distance measurements even in challenging terrains.

User Experience: The adjustable and foldable handle is a boon for ergonomics, making the device more comfortable to maneuver, though the metal handle can be unwelcoming in cold weather.


Reliability Issues: The presence of flat tires on every unit we encountered points to a broader issue with durability. Furthermore, the deep tread wheels, while designed for rough terrain, struggle with mud and debris accumulation.

Material Quality: The skid tray material does not seem to withstand regular use, especially on the two-wheel variant. This necessitates frequent replacements, adding to the operational cost.

Software Limitations: The accompanying software, while functional, exhibits bugs that hinder the user experience. The inability to effectively display dual frequencies simultaneously is a notable limitation for a device of this caliber.

Potential Failure Points: The GPR's many moving parts and mechanisms, while innovative, introduce multiple potential failure points that could impact long-term reliability.


Despite IDS and Leica's efforts to innovate within the GPR market, the IDS Opera Duo / Leica DS2000 falls short in several key areas.

The device's design, while forward-thinking, is marred by practical issues such as difficulty in pushing on rough terrain and the need for frequent part replacements.

Additionally, the software's limitations and the cumbersome requirement for a dedicated controller laptop detract from the overall utility of the device.

In conclusion, while the IDS Opera Duo / Leica DS2000 showcases a number of promising features and design improvements, its practical application is hindered by reliability issues and design oversights.

Potential buyers should weigh these considerations carefully and consult with their local dealer for the latest support and updates. Our assessment leans towards seeking alternative solutions that balance innovation with practical, reliable performance for onsite surveying and data collection.

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