Metrotech 510 – High Frequency pipe & cable locator 83 kHz.

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Metrotech 510 - 510 cable locator

Metrotech 510 Review

The Metrotech 510™ Pipe and Cable Locator emerges as a noteworthy tool in the utility location industry, especially for professionals in the field of pipe and cable locating.

Despite its discontinuation in October 2011, refurbished units of this model continue to be sought after, highlighting its enduring value and efficiency in utility detection tasks.

Below is a comprehensive review of its features, performance, and overall utility based on its listed characteristics and applications.

metrotech 510

Design and Ergonomics

The Metrotech 510™ boasts a sleek and lightweight receiver design, making it a convenient tool for extended use in the field.

Its ergonomic design facilitates comfortable, upright locating, reducing strain on the user during prolonged locating tasks. 

This design consideration ensures that professionals can conduct their work with minimal discomfort, enhancing productivity and efficiency on the job.

Performance and Accuracy

One of the standout features of the Metrotech 510™ is its peak and null operation modes, which offer precise locating capabilities.

These modes enable users to accurately identify the position of pipes and cables with a high degree of precision, an essential factor for avoiding costly mistakes during excavation or construction activities.

Additionally, the advanced compression circuitry of the locator provides crisp response even in congested areas, where signal interference might otherwise complicate location efforts.

Advanced Technology

The Metrotech 510™ incorporates high-efficiency ferrite antenna technology, which amplifies the power on the line, further enhancing its locating accuracy.

The crystal control feature is another significant advantage, preventing frequency drift and maximizing the receiver's response to the targeted utility. 

This ensures that the locator remains reliable over time, offering consistent performance that professionals can depend on.

Moreover, the inclusion of a narrow band antenna that eliminates all interfering frequencies is particularly beneficial in areas where signal congestion could potentially obscure the locator's readings.

By filtering out irrelevant signals, the Metrotech 510™ ensures that users receive clear and accurate information about the location of underground utilities.

What specific applications can the metrotech 510 complete?

Designed for both pipe and cable locating, the Metrotech 510™ is versatile enough to meet the needs of various applications within the utility locating industry.

The specific jobs would include pipes and cables at max  depth of 4 meters in silty and sandy soils. The target pipe or cable can be fairly thin and can have pipes or cables that are laterals crossing if they are less conductive.

Whether for construction planning, maintenance, or emergency repair work, this locator has proven to be an invaluable asset for professionals needing to identify underground utilities accurately.

Metrotech 510 Frequently Asked Questions for technology comparison.

Can find ferrous objects? Yes

Can find non-ferrous objects? No

Works in silty soil? Yes

Works in clayey soil? Possible

Works in organic soil? No

Works in sandy soil? Yes

Min frequency (KHz): 83

Max frequency (KHz): 83

Effort, training for data interpretation: Low/Med

Relative cost: Low

Max depth: 13ft / 4m

Application: For locating pipes and cables.

Is the Metrotech 510 still worth the expense for a utility locator?

Although no longer in production, the Metrotech 510™ Pipe and Cable Locator remains a reliable and efficient tool for those in the utility locating field.

Its combination of ergonomic design, precise locating capabilities, and technological features make it a product that still holds up against newer models. 

For professionals or organizations that can find refurbished units, the Metrotech 510™ offers an effective solution to meet specific pipe and cable locating needs.

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