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FLIR ONE Pro for Android with USB-C 

The FLIR ONE Pro for Android with USB-C connection has received positive feedback for its advancements over previous models and its capability to deliver professional-grade thermal imaging. According to reviews from AnandTech and What Mobile, the device is a significant improvement, offering a compact and rugged design suitable for various applications.


The FLIR ONE Pro features a Lepton 3 sensor with a 160x120 resolution, capable of detecting temperatures between -20°C and +400°C, showcasing a substantial range suitable for a myriad of professional and hobbyist applications. Its compact form factor includes a 1440x1080 visible light sensor, enhancing the detail and usability of thermal images. The camera's design is rugged, claimed to be drop-tested up to 1.8 meters, although it's not intended for extremely rough conditions.

A notable feature is the OneFit connector, which can extend by up to 4mm to accommodate phone cases, ensuring compatibility with various smartphone models. The device operates on a charge for about an hour, with a relatively quick charging time, and includes features like MSX technology for enhanced image detail by overlaying thermal and visible images. This technology significantly improves the clarity and usefulness of thermal images, making it easier to identify and diagnose issues.


The utilities that thermal imaging scan cameras can help locate and assess when used as part of utility locators include:

Water Lines: Detecting both hot and cold water lines based on the temperature difference with the surrounding soil.

Sewer Lines: Identifying sewer lines by the temperature differences caused by the flow of sewage, which may be warmer or cooler than the surrounding ground.

Electrical Cables: Detecting buried electrical cables that generate heat due to electrical resistance and IR cameras can even spot faults in a line due tot the contract in temperature.

Heating Pipes: Locating underground pipes used for district heating systems, which can be identified by the heat they emit into the surrounding ground.

Cooling Systems: Similar to heating pipes, underground cooling systems can be detected by the absence of heat or cooler temperatures they induce in the surrounding area.

Irrigation Systems: Locating underground irrigation pipes, especially those carrying cool water on a hot day, or detecting the moist areas indicating leaks or the presence of the system.

Stormwater Drainage Systems: Identifying the pathways of stormwater systems by detecting cooler temperatures associated with the flow of water after rain events.

Exterior Wall Studs

Eg. Exterior wall studs, wall structure (on cold night from a hot day or on a hot day if air conditioned wall), you need large temperature deferential conditions but can see clear wall structures, Pipes, wall studs etc. The limitations are that interior walls wouldn't show any difference in temperature and no contrast of the image to see anything useful.

Educational Creative Uses Only. 

Sometimes engineering temperature differences can work with creative planning, specific tools, knowledge. An simple example is to turn on the heated pipes, after cooling the floor or wall with air conditioner, or even ice packs for a specific area, just by touching multiple areas you could potentially locate a heating pipe or with really basic IR camera, you should be able to pinpoint a location of a heated pipe. 


However, the device's innovative design has been noted to feel somewhat flimsy when connected to a phone, due to the lack of support from the connector.

Adjusting the dial for the connector might be tricky, and there's a risk of the camera dislodging if not properly secured.

Despite these concerns, the FLIR ONE Pro is praised for its build quality and presentation, suggesting that it strikes a good balance between portability and functionality for its price point.

Unless engineered, The limitations are that interior walls wouldn't show any difference in temperature and no contrast of the image to see wall stud and other material in the wall, house, building, warehouse or factory.


In summary, the FLIR ONE Pro thermal camera for Android USB-C is highly regarded for its improved resolution, rugged design, and innovative features like the adjustable OneFit connector and MSX technology. It's suitable for professionals and hobbyists who require detailed thermal imaging in a compact, mobile-compatible format.

Demo and Capabilities of IR Cameras

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