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Leica digicat 200

Leica Digicat 200 Cable & Pipe Locator

The Leica Digicat 200 Cable & Pipe Location Detector with Depth Reading Facility marks a significant step forward in underground utility location.

A standout feature of the Digicat 200 is its one-stop depth estimation functionality. When used in conjunction with the DIGITEX 8/33 signal generator (in the 33kHz mode), it enables precise location and depth estimation of underground services, offering depth estimation up to 3 meters with an accuracy of approximately ±10%.

This level of precision is vital in today's construction and utility maintenance industries, where the accuracy of locating buried services can significantly impact safety, cost, and efficiency.

The increasing demand for equipment that performs reliably in densely packed underground environments is met head-on by the DIGICAT 200. Its ability to provide 3D service location is especially noteworthy.

The device ensures reliable, accurate location of buried services, enhancing the safety and efficiency of construction and maintenance work.

The flexibility offered by the DIGICAT 200 in active signal tracing, with the ability to adjust between 8 or 33 KHz tracing signals based on site conditions, further underscores its adaptability and effectiveness in a range of operational scenarios.

Designed to withstand the rigors of busy construction sites, the DIGICAT 200 boasts both visual and audio indicators to maximize operator safety, even in adverse conditions.

Its rugged and lightweight construction, operational from -20 to +50 degrees Celsius and meeting IP54 environmental standards, makes it a resilient companion for any construction or utility professional.

Moreover, the DIGICAT 200 enhances a safe system of work for general construction activities by providing reliable detection means for buried services naturally carrying power and radio signals.

This capability, combined with its depth indication feature, solidifies the DIGISYSTEM range as a comprehensive solution for locating underground cables and pipes, ultimately improving on-site safety and reducing the likelihood of costly damages.

In conclusion, the Leica Digicat 200 is a standout product for anyone involved in the construction, maintenance, and utility industries.

Its introduction into the market addresses the critical need for reliable, accurate detection and depth estimation of underground utilities, offering peace of mind and increased safety for operators, all while helping to avoid unnecessary costs and disruptions.

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