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AG-309.15G - underground GPS cable and pipe locator low frequency

The AG-309.15G Underground GPS Cable and Pipe Locator is an advanced piece of equipment designed for professionals who require precise and reliable location of underground utilities.

This review explores its key features, performance, and overall utility in field operations.


The AG-309.15G set is engineered for the fast and accurate detection of underground utilities including power/signal cable lines, armored fiber optic cables, and metal pipelines.

It stands out for its ability to measure the depth of utilities up to 10 meters, making it an invaluable tool for pre-excavation surveys and preventing damage to underground infrastructure.

Key Features

Utility Position and Depth Measurement: The device showcases its utility with an LCD screen that not only indicates the position of cables and pipes but also measures their depth automatically, enhancing operational efficiency.

Autonomous Transmitter AG-105: Included in the set is an autonomous transmitter capable of tracing utilities up to 3 kilometers. Its built-in inductive antenna and 20 W power output make it a powerful component for extensive searches.

GPS/GLONASS Module: The built-in module for GPS and GLONASS ensures that users can store the coordinates of located utilities, facilitating accurate mapping and record-keeping.

Versatile Detection Capabilities: Whether it's energized cables, non-energized cables, armored fiber optic cables, or metal pipelines, the AG-309.15G can detect a wide range of underground utilities.


The AG-309.15G excels in delivering precise location and depth measurements, a crucial requirement for any underground utility work.

Its ability to trace utilities over long distances and at depths up to 10 meters sets a high benchmark. 

The inclusion of a GPS/GLONASS module is particularly beneficial for mapping and documenting utility locations, enhancing the accuracy of field operations.


From detecting underground cables and pipelines to searching for faults and intersections, the AG-309.15G is a versatile tool.

Its capability to store GPS/GLONASS coordinates and support for locating non-metallic utilities with an optional pipe sonde extends its application range, making it suitable for a wide array of field operations.


Accurate detection and depth measurement of underground utilities

Long tracing distance with the autonomous transmitter

Built-in GPS/GLONASS for efficient mapping and documentation

Versatile utility detection, including non-metallic with optional accessories


The complexity of features may require a learning curve for new users

The initial cost may be high, though justified by its capabilities and performance


The AG-309.15G Underground GPS Cable and Pipe Locator is a comprehensive solution for professionals in the field of utility detection and excavation.

Its advanced features, including automatic depth measurement, long-distance tracing, and GPS/GLONASS integration, make it a standout device. 

While it may present a steep learning curve and come at a significant cost, its performance and the breadth of its applications offer a return on investment that is hard to overlook.

For professionals tasked with the critical job of locating underground utilities, the AG-309.15G is an invaluable asset.

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