⚠️Utility Strike Case Studies Database

Welcome to our Utility Locating Strikes Database, a comprehensive resource dedicated to enhancing safety in excavation projects. 💥 Unforeseen utility strikes can lead to costly damages, project delays, and, most importantly, pose serious risks to workers and the community.

This Utility Strikes Database compiles case studies of utility strikes. While most result in minor damage, some lead to fatalities, injuries, and significant collateral damage.  👨‍🔧 Repair costs are often overshadowed by disruption of services, traffic, project delays, contractor claims, and litigation.

📙 The database, derived from incidents reported , offers real-world examples, characteristics, and causes/lessons learned. It is a subset of the numerous annual utility strikes collected by agencies that record and publish these incidents. 

🌐 This database was obtained through professional discussions, literature search, and surveys, aids in understanding and developing successful utility locating strategies.

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The database serves as a powerful tool for industry professionals, contractors, and project managers, providing critical information to mitigate risks and ensure successful project execution.

Youtube Playlist of Subsurface Utility Strikes Case Studies.