💻 Utility Locating Technology Database.

This page has links to the technologies used for professionally locating subsurface utilities.

We have categorized, researched and created comprehensive information on the specific technologies used for geophysical locating techniques and factors impacting the accuracy of Subsurface Utility Information.

🗃️ Our database is curated to offer invaluable insights into underground utility cable and pipe detection, aiding professionals in effectively navigating its complexities.

✅ Essential Utility Locating Technologies

🗺️ Mapping Hardware Technologies

📍 Mapping Software Technologies

Digital (GIS) Mapping, RTK/GNSS, Survey Control to Engineering Grade Mapping Software. 

🕳️ Non Destructive (NDD) Potholing Technologies

Also known as, Non destructive digging, Potholing or Daylighting utilities. Quality A (QLA) data is the only quality level that defines a subsurface utility location as 'Valid, and is Required for any Construction Work in Australia.

👁️ Visual Utility Locating Technologies

🔀 Miscellaneous Utility Locating Technologies

These technologies are used for advanced geological data that can be used for utility locating to subsurface geological subsurface engineering.